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Address Residential Ventilation Association

2 Waltham Court, Milley Lane,
Hare Hatch
RG10 9TH
Telephone  + 44 (0)118 940 3416

Profile Company Profile

Bringing together the biggest names in residential ventilation
for the Best Practice advice when you need it.

The Residential Ventilation Association (RVA) is the specialist overall ventilation group with the HEVAC Association. The RVA aim is to offer Best Practice advice to specifiers on their ventilation requirements.

Overall aims

RVA members are interested in providing independent advice on the selection of an appropriate product/system to provide controllable, continuous ventilation.

What does the RVA offer?

RVA members expertise include for products and systems such as :

i) Individual Fans
ii) Passive Stack Ventilation (PSV)
iii) Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV)
iv) Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)
v) Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

What should specifiers consider when selecting a ventilation system?

  • The needs of the occupants
  • The needs of the building
  • Compliance with Building Regulations
  • Compliance with Supporting Documents
  • Air flow rates
  • Installed Performance
  • Energy Consumption
  • Overall life costing
  • Noise
  • Quality
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Controls
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