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The gotoplumbing web site category of Industry Organisations lists all the Associations of the Plumbing & Heating Industry. They have a great impact on the Industry and influence working methods of Manufacturers, Installers etc Many will liase directly with Government departments and influence directives and regulations. Including UK Copperboard, The Association of Controls Manufacturers (TACMA), Manufacturers of Domestic Unvented Systems (MODUS), Plumbing & Heating Industry Alliance, Waterheater Manufacturers Association (WMA), Solar Trade Association and others.

Address Plumbing and Heating Industry Alliance

PHIA secretariat
64 Station Lane
RM12 6NB
Telephone  01708 463102

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On the 24th January 2001 the Inaugural Meeting of the Plumbing and Heating Industry Alliance (PHIA) took place. Some thirteen organisations with an interest in the plumbing and heating industry agreed to become the founding members of the PHIA. Since then others have joined making the Alliance a powerful and single voice to Government on issues important to the industry.

The PHIA has been born out of the Plumbing Forum which was formed following the second World Plumbing Conference held in London in 1990. Members of the Conference Organising Committee agreed to maintain their spirit of co-operation by establishing a new vehicle for regular discussion. For almost ten years Plumbing Forum Members met regularly to consider methods of co-ordinating their activities. That spirit has now been embraced within the Plumbing and Heating Industry Alliance which is working to secure the future of an important sector that has direct relationship to public health and safety.
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