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There are many Professional Bodies associated with the Plumbing & Heating Industry. The many Associations and Trade bodies help keep the Industry well presented to the general public and the many workers employed within this Industry sector. Including Gas Safe Register (replacing CORGI 01/04/09), IPHE, WCP, IDHEE, HVCA, OFTEC, HETAS, SNIPEF, NAPIT, NICEIC, IGEM and many others.

Address National Association of Plumbing Teachers (NAPT)

West Yorkshire

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The National Association of Plumbing Teachers (NAPT) is a voluntary professional body and was founded by an eminent plumbing teacher, J. Wright Clarke, for those who teach plumbing.

The purpose of the NAPT is defined in its constitution, which briefly can be summarised to:
  • Consider educational and training aspects for the benefit of industry;
  • Preserve quality and standard of work:
  • Keep its members informed on technical developments and educational trends.
To serve its members - which are spread widely across the United Kingdom, Ireland and overseas - the NAPT works through its Regional councils that are linked to the National Council with the president, elected annually, as its head.

Although an independent association, the NAPT has established working relationships with other important bodies in the industry. It also has representation, at national level, on committees that formulate the implementation of educational and training policy.

Today we live in a world where advanced technology has an increasing influence on our lives and the way we live. Consequently the 21st century brings an even greater responsibility on individual plumbers with regard to the standard of their work. Therefore, to meet these technical, industrial and educational needs, the NAPT is committed to:
  • Arranging regular technical and educational seminars in the regions;
  • Producing its quarterly journal 'Tap', which in 1985 celebrated its 40th anniversary;
  • Holding (for over a quarter of a century) an annual three-day education conference.
The main objective of the NAPT is to ensure that the the plumbing student and craftsperson receivesthe best training and education available, thus enabling them to take their place in the industry with confidence in their ability.
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