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Address Villager Stoves (Arada Ltd)

The Fireworks
Millwey Industrial Estate
EX13 5HU
Telephone  01297 35596
Fax  01297 35900

Profile Company Profile

Our range of traditionally designed woodburning, multi-fuel, gas fired and electric stoves offer excellent heat output and fuel efficiency. Their clean lines and well balanced proportions ensure they are equally at home in any setting and, with a range of over 40 models to choose from, we are confident there is one which will be just right for any room size. We also believe that you'll be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices of our stoves.
Although our website provides a great deal of information together with the full specification of each stove, we recognise that every installation has it's own special requirements. We therefore suggest that before making a final decision, you talk with your Villager dealer who will be happy to help.
Lasting quality built through craftsmanship
We are a family owned and managed business and have specialised in stove manufacture since 1979. Over the years we have built an enviable reputation for the lasting quality, reliability and fuel efficiency of our products, by combining modern manufacturing technology and methods with traditional and highly skilled engineering expertise and craftsmanship. To ensure the highest standards, all our stoves are manufactured using cast iron components from carefully selected and monitored British foundries and the best 5mm and 8mm steel plate, which has been prestressed to withstand extremes of temperature.

Villager™ is the registered trade mark of Lyme Regis Engineering Co. Ltd.

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